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Beltone Securities 123 Markets Worldwide:

Growing out of the acquisition of Trust Group for Securities in 2005 and the acquisition of Obelisk Securities in 2008. Beltone Brokerage has an impeccable reputation in MENA markets based on its high standards of service, integrity and professionalism. Beltone's Brokerage is ranked among the region's Top 5 - winning more than 10% of market share. Almost 70% of transactions are on behalf of institutions. Trading is centralized to best serve institutional clients and minimize market impact.
The balance of trading is distributed between some 1,300 clients: asset managers, high-net-worth individuals, brokers and retail clients. Brokerage's capacity is leveraged on a strong network of strategic partnerships which enables seamless execution and settlement globally.
Beltone's Brokerage complies with MiFID (The European Union Markets in Financial Instruments Directive), the cornerstone of the EUs laws to safeguard investors' interests, maximize transparency and compliance with the highest regulatory standards.

Trading Network

Beltone Securities Brokerage is a beneficiary of Beltone's investment in state-of-the-art Information Technology, linking clients from every corner of the World to every market in MENA, executing transactions as quickly as two tenths of a second and settling seamlessly by leveraging a strong proprietary network as well as strategic partnerships.

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