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Beltone Securities 123 Markets Worldwide:

After cementing its footprint in the domestic market, Beltone Securities’ strategy aimed at transforming its franchise to cover Emerging Markets (EMs). Accordingly, Beltone acquired a majority stake in the Global-leading EMs broker Auerbach Grayson (AG), which enables us to render the brokerage service to investors, regardless of their origin and investment destination.
Leveraging on its diverse and rich human capital base, Beltone was able to establish a top-notch, in-house IT platform, which ensures seamless trading across the globe, and more importantly, favorably positioned Beltone’s digital presence via launching a mobile app.
Moreover, a hands-on research team (Fundamental and Technical) enables us to cater to all sort of investor types, from sophisticated institutional investors to retail investors. Our research coverage includes Egypt as well as the GCC. On the corporate access level, Beltone Access is our thematic flagship bi-quarterly event where we bring together investors and management of listed equities in order to assess macro and micro opportunities and challenges.

Trading Network

Beltone Securities Brokerage is a beneficiary of Beltone's investment in state-of-the-art Information Technology, linking clients from every corner of the World to every market in MENA, executing transactions as quickly as two tenths of a second and settling seamlessly by leveraging a strong proprietary network as well as strategic partnerships.

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