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Expanding coverage in the MENA region

Quality Research lies at the heart of Beltone Financial’s offerings. Our Research Department is driven by a strong belief in the principles of clarity, accuracy, integrity, and specialization. This ensures that all our offerings provide an unparalleled level of value, sophistication, and comprehensiveness in a timely manner.

Through our exclusive and broad coverage, Beltone Research insures in-depth research analyses, as well as perceptive interactions with our analysts, in order to provide our clients with meticulous insight to guide them through their investment decisions.

Our team of seasoned and up-and-coming aspiring analysts delivers the most efficient coverage of both regional and local markets, from macro impressions and economic environments to industry and company performances in numerous sectors. We complement our bottom-up equity analyses with unique top-down evaluations of the different countries’ current macro picture.

Our products range from timely and concise breaking news commentary and daily news updates, including the Wake Up Call, First Impression, and At a Glance, to in-depth strategy, macro, and equity research reports, including Macro Note, Results Review, and Valuation Update. We highly value clarity and creativity and are on a constant mission to enhance the efficiency of our reports on all levels.

Our analysts also regularly conduct fact-finding visits to companies and business leaders across the spectrum of coverage in Egypt and the MENA region. We understand the importance of utilizing our on-the-ground access to the latest stories and happenings in the Egyptian market and the MENA region, to provide unconventional and valuable insight on select listed companies. Moreover, our top-down analysis always strives to be a cut above the rest and has a proven record of accurately gauging the countries’ current macro picture.

Through our regular Beltone Access thematic conferences, we provide you with a dynamic platform to directly engage not only with management teams from select companies from across the region, but also with our analysts. This is not to mention our regular conduction and hosting of roadshows, events, and one-on-one conference calls.

Product offerings

Company Reports
For our stocks coverage to remain current, we provide regular updates to our estimates, and hence valuation (fair value and rating). These reports deliver timely analysis that reflects changes that occur in the market or following company news and achievements.
Following the release of a company’s quarterly financial results, analysts send a detailed commentary on the company’s performance. Our analysts provide meticulous insight into a company’s financials, while measuring it against their estimates and forecasts.
Following the demands and interests of our clients, we periodically initiate coverage on select companies. These initiations not only allow us to deepen our knowledge about companies in various sectors, but they also increase your access to better investment opportunities.
We publish broader reports that include comparison between companies, or that offer an overview of a specific sector. These reports provide a larger overview of different stocks, and thus a more nuanced outlook.
Macro and Strategy
Following significant macro news or events, we provide updated analyses on their impact on the economy and specific industries. These updates allow you to grasp the bigger picture that affects sectors and companies.
We offer meticulous analysis of macro related news, events, and seasonal updates. We publish detailed reports covering variables and factors that have an impact on economies and industries, thereby constantly adapting our outlook on various countries in the MENA region.
Our annual strategy note provides you with a yearly outlook on macro and equities, including analyses of economies, sectors, and companies. This is a comprehensive annual report that provides a panoptic view of the coming year, in order to enhance your future investment decisions.
We create thematic macro and strategy notes that examine diverse economies or that explore different investment strategies in countries from the MENA region. Such reports can guide you in navigating through different economies and sectors.
General Products
We deliver the daily news right to your inbox, covering sector and company specific news. From breaking news and updates to releases and statements, we will keep you informed of significant and relevant stories.
This report provides a prompt and concise commentary of our covered companies’ quarterly financial results as soon as they are released. We follow that report with a more detailed analysis in Results Review.
We compile a quick overview of news related to listed companies and our economist’s views on breaking news and other important macro events that have an impact on the economy, financial market, and industries. These reports provide our clients with a timely commentary on significant changes, be they related to companies or economies.