Our Team

Beltone Financial boasts one of the top research houses in the region, with the highest standards of integrity and professionalism. Its team, composed of top-notch analysts covering a variety of sectors, is proud to maintain a strong network of strategic contacts. Beltone Research endeavors to produce timely, concise and actionable notes that help investors make the best decisions.

Ahmed El Shazly

Analyst (Banking)

Omar Hesham

Analyst (Construction & Building Materials)


Ahmed Adel

Analyst Head (Telecoms/Healthcare)

Neveen Ghonima

Analyst (Food and Beverage)


Shady Fakhoury

Economist (Macro)

Rabab Mohammed



Shahira Mohammed


Nancy Fahmy

Sector Head (Banking)

Soha Saniour

Analyst (Fertilizers, Chemicals & Durables)

Adham Hesham

Sector Head (Real Estate)

Farah Hamza

Quant Analyst

Ahmed Goher

Head of Publications

Heba Rawy