Auerbach Grayson

Direct local access – worldwide Making global investing more efficient and effective for U.S. institutional investors since 1993

Through our worldwide network of broker partners, Auerbach Grayson offers:

Local independent research.Each broker’s analysts continually evaluate investment opportunities in their local market. Their research is provided to Auerbach Grayson on an exclusive basis for distribution to our clients. Our oversight assures that the research meets the high standards of U.S. institutions.

Execution and clearance in equities, derivatives and fixed-income instruments. Orders are executed directly through the local broker partner.

Hedging and arbitrage strategies with Auerbach Grayson providing both strategic development and implementation.

Contact One phone call provides an Auerbach Grayson client with direct access to 123 markets. Our U.S. staff can answer questions, provide research produced by our broker partners, and take orders for virtually any market in the world. See the world wide broker network

Continuity We maintain continuous contact with all of our broker partners, building relationships and maintaining strict due diligence. While clients have direct access to our network of brokers, they also benefit from the consistency of service that comes from dealing with a single firm on an ongoing basis—a firm committed to serving as their advocate in whichever markets they trade.

Transparency In practice, each of our partners serves as our local office and we serve as their U.S. office. Clients can choose to talk with either our New York staff or our broker partner at any point in the research/execution process.

Auerbach Grayson is a member of the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) and the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC)