Asset Managment

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Rapid Growth

Innovative Range of Products

Investors are turning to Beltone Financial's Asset Management team for incomparable knowledge, rapid growth and exceptional client service. Our innovative range of products is structured to match clients' goals and performance requirements, consistent with prudent risk management. Our team has worked together since 2003, previously establishing the first investment bank in the MENA region. Our unmatched experience includes launching and managing more than 15 funds investing in MENA markets and savings and pension plans.
Our team utilizes Beltone Financial's extensive investment knowledge, skill and experience in the Middle East which favours our robust investment philosophy, process, and strategy. Assets under management exceed E£ 25 billion*. High-net worth individuals, leading local banks and institutional investors access a broad range of portfolio management and mutual fund products, through Beltone Financial's 'gateway' to investments in the GCC and North African markets, that are tailored to their precise investment goals.
Over the past seven years, Beltone Financial launched the first money market fund denominated in EGP, USD and Euros, the first tax efficient savings plan and the first Exchange Traded Fund listed and traded on the Egyptian Exchange. Beltone Financial sponsored the first hedge fund.
Through our knowledge in launching and managing funds, we have gained the experience of the regional asset management business which enables us to develop innovative products that cater to varying risk-return profiles through offering different asset classes and management styles investing across the MENA including Sharia'a compliant equity and fixed income products, conventional equity funds and portfolios, conventional fixed income funds and portfolios, capital guaranteed structures and balanced products.


* October 2016