Board of directors

Dr. Sameh El Torgoman


Dr. Sameh El Torgoman is the Executive Chairman of BELTONE FINANCIAL HOLDING.
The Co-Founder & non-executive Chairman of ACT FINANCIAL, he sets the strategic plan and culture of the company providing the crucial vision, leadership, and strategic thinking.
The Founder and Chairman of ETPA ADVISORS Inc, a firm based in Toronto, Canada specialized in facilitating strategic investment between the Middle East and Canada (North America) capitalizing on the competitive advantage of both regions, the Firm assist its clients in identifying the proper strategic partner and building a global strategy for growth.
The Co-Founder and Managing Partner of TORGOMAN & KHOULY LAW FIRM, a firm based in Cairo, Egypt specialized in Arbitration, Corporate, and International Law [2013—2015]. He was the Chairman of the EGYPTIAN COMPETITION AUTHORITY (ECA) [2010—2011]. Under his leadership he worked on articulating a strategy for ECA to play an effective role in enhancing competition and investment environment in Egypt. In addition, he led the ECA team in the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) peer review assessment in June 2011 and as a result the ECA maintained the observer membership status in the OECD Competition Committee.
Dr. Torgoman was the Chairman Co-Founder of OBELISK INVESTMENT BANKING GROUP [2006—2010]. As the Chairman, he set the strategic growth plan and culture of the company as well as establishing the newly acquired portfolio fund firm. He was able to complete and obtain a significant market share in an already established and saturated market place. He played the key role of the management of the organization providing leadership, management, and strategic-level thinking as well as having the necessary vision to ensure that the company follows the proper procedures and having the appropriate staff and systems in place to ensure compliance, effectively grow organization, and ensure operating efficiency.
He was the Founder and Chairman of TAMWEEL MORTGAGE FINANCE [2006—2008]. He was responsible for setting the necessary requirements for mortgage loans to facilitate the process of securitization. With Dr. Torgoman’s dynamic leadership, entrepreneurial Skills and management incantations combined with his extended vision of the market dynamics, he was able to introduce new products to the capital market which affect the development and progress of the company.
Dr. Torgoman was appointed Chairman of the Egyptian MORTGAGE FINANCE AUTHORITY (MFA) [2004—2005]. He developed a strategic plan for the overall development of the mortgage market now being implemented by the MFA.
He was the former Chairman of the CAIRO & ALEXANDRIA STOCK EXCHANGE (CASE) [1998—2004]. During his eight year tenure at CASE, Dr. Torgoman led an overhaul of the exchange to build a world class infrastructure and revitalize the Egyptian stock market. Successful initiatives included the modernization of the trading systems of the exchange, the establishment of the new membership and listing rules, the development of the new clearing and settlement procedures, the introduction of new products in the market (such as the OTC market and Bonds market), as well as the development of the legal and compliance systems of the market.
Dr. Torgoman was a board member in multiple financial institutions including: – Arabian Opportunities Fund (AOF),Audi Capital Asset Management Co. [2007-2014]. Kingdom of Saudi Arabia [2008-2015]. – Advisory Board of ROBECO Middle East, Bahrain [2007-2009]. – Board Member of Dubai International Foreign Exchange (DIFX) in Dubai [2005-2008]. – Member of the Egyptian Judicial System [1984-1997].
He holds a doctorate from Stanford Law School, Stanford University in 1997 and an LLM from Harvard Law School, Harvard University in 1990. He graduated from Faculty of Law, Cairo University in 1982.

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Mr. Bassem Azab


Mr. Mounir Fakhry Abdel Nour

Non executive board member

Mr. Tamer Al-Mahdi

Non executive board member

Mr. Gamal Muharram

Non executive board member

Mr. Ayman Soliman

Non executive board member

Magued Shawky

Maged Shawky

Vice Chairman

Mr.Maged Shawky is the vice chairman of Beltone Financial Holding since 2012. Previously, he was investment advisor and board member to number of leading private and governmental institutions. Mr. Shawky is the Ex-Chairman of The Egyptian Stock Exchange since July 2005 till July 2010 after being the Deputy for the chairman for almost a year. During the period of 2002 till mid 2004, he represented the Regulator (Capital Market Authority) in the board of directors of the Exchange for three years. He held the position of Senior Assistant to the Minister of Economy and Foreign Trade for Securities Markets issues for around 12 years since 1995. He chaired the Board of an IT joint-venture between the Egyptian Stock Exchange and NASDAQ-OMX named “Egypt for Information dissemination” (EGID). Mr. Shawky plays an instrumental role since 2002 in promoting corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. In 2003, Mr. Shawky established the Egyptian Institute of Director (EIOD) and held the position of the Executive Director until his appointment as vice-chairman to the Exchange mid-year 2004. Furthermore, Mr.Shawky co-authored the first Egyptian Code of Corporate Governance in 2004.
Mr. Shawky has a wide experience in corporate restructuring, asset management structures; sovereign and emerging market advisory services in various sectors. In telecom sector, during the period from 2001 till 2004, he advised the Ministry of telecommunication on number of projects.
Mr. Shawky used to be board member of the World Federation of Exchanges (WFE), Misr for Clearing Depositary & Registration, National Post Organization, Egyptian Institute of Directors, and The Egyptian Insurance Supervisory Authority. He was also the former Chairman of the African Securities Exchanges Association (ASEA) for two consecutive periods. Mr. Shawky holds a Masters Degree in Financial Economics from Queen Mary, University of London, United Kingdom. Authored and co-authored number of research papers on corporate governance and modeling volatility of the market, some have been published in regional and international periodicals.
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Mr. Naguib Sawiris

Non executive board member

Mr. Ahmed Lotfy Soliman

Non executive board member

Mrs. Wafaa Zoklmh

Non executive board member

Mr. Sherine Abbas Helmy

Non executive board member

Dr. Sherine Hassan Abbas Helmy has 36 years of professional experience in the pharmaceutical industry (Family
business).Throughout the years, he was appointed as CEO of Pharco Corporation, board member of Batterjee
Pharmaceuticals, KSA; and Presidio Pharmaceuticals, USA.
Helmy graduated in 1981 with a Bachelor of Science degree from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University. He
then obtained an MBA from the Arab Academy for Science and Technology (AAST) and the Central Michigan
University in 1999. In 2012 he received his Doctor of Business Administration degree from AAST.
He is a board member of the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE),
board member of Alexandria University, member of the board of trustees of Egypt Japan University (EJUST) ,
member of the City Advisory council of Zewail city for science and technology (CAC), member of the Egyptian
Accreditation Council (EGAC), member of the Scientific Research Committee of Alexandria University, member of the
Strategic Advisory Board of the American University in Cairo (AUC); and a founding member of North Coast
University, Board member of Drug Research Council, and Member of the Export Council of Medical Industries.
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Dr. Ahmed Galal

Non executive board member