The Board of Directors and Beltone Financial's management team are highly-regarded internationally and in MENA's financial services industry. Their knowledge and acumen have developed world class financial services and products that are leaders in their field. They have pioneered the restructuring of markets to accommodate increasing worldwide participation and the number of companies listed.


Most have held senior positions at investment banks in the USA and Europe. In Egypt they have worked together for many years, building a financial services industry that is at in the vanguard of the region's economic transformation.


Beltone's senior officers are committing time and resources to build the financial services industry in the Middle East and North Africa. They occupy significant decision-making positions on regulatory bodies and industry professional associations. They are called upon to advise policy-makers and legislators. They hold significant positions in Egypt's financial and business community, including board of directors' positions on the Egyptian Stock Exchange, the Egyptian Investment Management Association and the Egyptian Capital Markets Association. Beltone Financial plays a significant role with the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt, the British Egyptian Business Association and the Egyptian Businessmen's Association.

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