Investment Approach

We have a disciplined approach to private equity investing with clear investment guidelines and criteria and believe that our established investment platform, track record of successfully completing transactions, expertise and infrastructure render us an attractive counterparty for sellers and management teams, which will ultimately enable us to continue to be a top-tier private equity firm.


Main Criteria Description
Partnership with Impressive Management Teams Support the best management teams in their respective industries, and assist the management teams at our portfolio companies by participating as active board members where we have an equity investment, and support management as needed on key strategic, operational and financial decisions
Diversification Limits Invest across a wide variety of industries and business sectors
Dominant Market Position Seek companies with a significant share of the market for their products or services and consider factors such as customer concentration, competitive environment, barriers to entry and ability to sustain margins.
Operating History Invest in companies with a history of sustained operations and a proven track record through various economic cycles.
Reinvestment and/or Expansion Opportunities Encourage management to increase equity value through add-on acquisitions or through investments to accelerate growth.

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