Key Elements of our Integrated Investment Process

Sourcing and Valuation
Originate, review and screen investment opportunities. Develop a strong fundamental understanding of industries in question. Ensure that management is capable and is properly incentivized to fulfill future plans. Prepare investment committee reports and models, and make recommendations to the Investment Committee. Structure transactions and manage execution of acquisitions, divestitures and exit strategies.
Rigorous Due Diligence and Proactive Monitoring
Conduct business, management and operational due diligence prior to making investment recommendations. Identify and resolve potential conflicts of interest with other shareholders and with management of portfolio companies. Ensure sound decision-making processes in portfolio companies, protection of minority rights, and management accountability through board of directors representation, shareholders' agreements, and company articles.
Strong Internal Corporate Governance
All of our investment companies and portfolio companies issue financial statements in accordance to IFRS. The Operating Committee is in charge of the origination, valuation, and day-to-day management processes and for making investment recommendations. The Investment Committee is in charge of strategic advice, including transaction pricing, discussion of critical success factors, and risk mitigation. The Advisory Committee is responsible for the final investment decision, and for reviewing and modifying a fund's investment strategy.
Access to External Expertise and Support
Beltone has strong relationships with the local and regional investment environment, including prominent regional institutions and high-net-worth individuals.
Our in-depth knowledge of the business community has enabled us to develop an extensive network of consultants to assist in making industry assessments, legal reviews, accounting reviews, risk management assessments, asset appraisals and portfolio valuations.
Also Beltone draws on a network of existing and past portfolio company executives to serve on boards of directors and otherwise assist portfolio companies.

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