As of October 2008, Beltone Private Equity had assets under management of E£ 1.6 billion, to capture and mobilize the synergies between Beltone Private Equity's financial investment expertise and its industrial operational knowledge. E£ 1.5 billion was under management at the closing of Beltone Capital, Beltone Investment Group, Beltone Retail, and a specialty real estate project.


Beltone Capital Beltone Capital, our first fund, was established in the second half of 2006, with EGP 466 million raised to invest in Egyptian companies with strong, capable managements, privatization and turnarounds 466 m
NAV 539m
E£ raised
Beltone Investment Group Beltone Investment Group, a buuyout fund, was established in December 2006.  It has EGP 418 million fully invested in a controlling stake in a leading real estate development company with one of the biggest land banks in Egypt 418 m
NAV 539m
E£ raised
Beltone Retail Beltone Retail has EGP 317 million committed to consolidate successful retail operations and franchises in Egypt 317 m
E£ recommitted capital under establishment
Specialty Real Estate Beltone Private Equity manages a specialty real estate project with a total of EGP 308 million paid-in, to acquire and refurbish historical real estate assets 308 m
E£ raised
Beltone MidCap Beltone is in the process of launching an SME fund, Beltone MidCap, in partnership with SIGEFI, the management arm of Siparex Group, a leading French private equity specialist in SMEs 30 m
USD expected in first closing under establishment

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