When was Beltone Financial established?

Beltone Financial is the one of the leading financial services firms in the Middle East and North Africa. Two pioneers of the financial services industry in the Middle East founded Beltone Financial in 2002 bringing together some of the region's brightest financial minds. Co-Founders Aladdin Saba and Aly El-Tahry introduced a culture that focuses on a passion for ownership and the desire to counsel clients wisely. The number of professional staff has risen to more than 200.
Beltone is the fastest-growing investment bank in the Middle East and North Africa. We provide a comprehensive range of financial services to a substantial and diversified client base that includes high-net-worth individuals, corporations, financial institutions and governments.

Headquartered in Cairo, Beltone Financial has offices in Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Syria, Libya, New York and London.


What the principles that guide Beltone Financial?

Our strategy is to focus on innovation and product differentiation. The firm serves investors in the world's hottest investment market, outranking every other investment bank in the Middle East for year-on-year growth since we were founded.

Beltone is distinguished for
• Incomparable knowledge
• Innovative products and solutions
• Seamless execution


Our Vision
Enriching individual, corporate and community wealth by engaging in transformational relationships.

Our Mission
Beltone is a catalyst in MENA and beyond, innovatively leveraging synergies to benefit stakeholders.

Our Values
Beltone's culture of partnership and ownership is the source of empowerment that drives transformation in our clients and the financial community we serve.

How does Beltone Financial serve clients?

Our clients are served by five divisions.

Asset Management
Beltone Asset Management is an industry leader with Assets under Management of more than E£ 27 billion, driven by our capacity to continuously introduce new products that cater to varying risk-return profiles.
Leading local banks and institutional investors are clients for a broad range of portfolio management and mutual fund products. High-net-worth individuals and institutional investors have access to a range of innovative products and services tailored to their precise investment goals.


Investment Banking
The Investment Banking team has grown progressively to18 bankers. Beltone's strength lies in its team members' strong and diverse experience working with leading regional and international bulge-bracket investment banks in emerging and developed markets.

They have unparalleled MENA market understanding having developed strong expertise across various sectors and product areas. Our clients receive senior level attention in every stage of an engagement, underscoring Beltone's total client commitment.

The Investment Banking team comprises IPO specialists for privately owned firms, mergers and acquisitions, divestitures, corporate restructuring, spin-offs, leveraged buyouts, corporate finance advising, private placements and debt structuring/raising.

Investment Banking assists clients on cross-border initiatives: International players seeking opportunities in MENA or MENA-based companies looking for international expansion or funding.


Beltone Securities was ranked #1 for trading in for the first half 2008, growing out of the acquisition of Trust Group for Securities in 2005 and the acquisition of Obelisk Securities in 2008. Beltone Brokerage has an impeccable reputation in MENA markets based on its high standards of service, integrity and professionalism.

Beltone's Brokerage is ranked among the region's Top 5 - winning more than 10% of market share. Almost 70% of transactions are on behalf on institutions. Trading is centralized to best serve institutional clients and minimize market impact.

The balance of trading is distributed between some 1,300 clients: asset managers, high-net-worth individuals, brokers and retail clients. Brokerage's capacity and leverage of a strong network of strategic partnerships enables seamless execution and settlement globally.


Private Equity
Private Equity's unique vision is based on the synergies between finance and operations expertise. Established in 2006, Beltone Private Equity has assets under management of more than £E 2.5 billion to energize the synergies of between our financial investment expertise with our industrial operational knowledge.

£E 1.2 billion was under management at the closing of Beltone Capital, Beltone Investment Group and Beltone Retail, invested in companies with exceptional management teams in attractive industries, companies scheduled for privatization and turnaround propositions.

Beltone Private Equity and Sigefi Private Equity, part of the French Siparex Group, is launching a US$150 million capital fund to invest in companies in Egypt initially and later in the Middle East region. The fund will invest capital and management expertise for medium size private companies with a significant potential for growth.  The fund's shareholders are private high-net-worth individuals and leading institutional investors that include the European Investment Bank.


Beltone's Research Department is acknowledged as the authoritative source for qualitative and quantitative information on the MENA region's rapidly expanding markets. By the end of 2008, coverage will extend to include shares from Morocco to Lebanon and Oman. Clients include institutions and individuals from 30 countries.


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