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Beltone Financial expands into Qatar


Beltone Financial has received approval to operate in Qatar, as part of Beltone Financial's plans to expand its operation in the Gulf. Under the terms of the license granted, Beltone Financial Qatar LLC will provide services to arrange and advise on investments.


Ahmed Mourad, CEO of Beltone Financial, Qatar said Beltone views the Qatari market as a great opportunity.


“It’s one of the fastest growing economies in the world and in the Gulf specifically, the result of the Qatari Government’s efforts in providing a good investment climate attracting internal and external investment,” he said.


Alaa Saba, Chairman of Beltone Financial, said Beltone’s presence in Qatar, would, he hoped, become integral to the country’s current economic boom by advising and participating in the variety of investment opportunities available.


Beltone will leverage its large network of global institutional investors and funds as well as Beltone's strong regional experience in investment banking and financial advisory services, Saba said.


Beltone Financial also conducts operations in Egypt, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and the United States of America. Beltone Financial is one of the fastest growing investment banks in the MENA region, with one of the largest portfolios of assets under management and high performing investment funds.





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