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Beltone Academy

The Beltone Financial Academy Program's mission is to create top caliber finance professionals who can embark on their careers equipped with the knowledge and skills to succeed and thrive in the fast-paced financial world. The intensive 13-week program is offered to selected high potential graduates to develop, train and assess their potential for employment after successful completion.

The Beltone Academy curriculum is an opportunity to join Beltone Financial provided participants are highly rated in the workshops and pass the exams and assignments that will be held during the different modules. The courses provide a foundation for graduates who are prepared to commit to the rigors of intellectual analysis and decision making in a competitive, challenging environment.


The Beltone Academy program is demanding. Homework and assignments, both individual and in teams, are an integral part of the learning process.

At the end of each course and at the conclusion of the program participants will be assessed on their ability to learn, develop, and perform together. Their general personality and soft skills will be assessed.

Academy Curriculum:

The Beltone Academy curriculum includes various technical financial and soft skills programs that will enable you to start a career and become a member of the team at Beltone Financial on successful completion and meeting our high standards of excellence.

The courses offered in the academy include: Financial Accounting, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance, Portfolio Management, Valuation, Business Ethics, Team Building and Presentation skills .


If you are interested in applying, please go to Career Opportunities to register and apply to the Beltone Academy.

If you have any questions regarding the Beltone Academy, please visit our FAQs section.


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